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Siina Mashek 3 months ago
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title: "GPU Passthrough with libvirt, qemu, looking glass"
date: 2021-01-12T22:58:31+02:00
draft: true
## Kernel Configuration
(from [gentoo wiki][])
IOMMU Kernel Configuration
Device Drivers --->
[*] IOMMU Hardware Support --->
Generic IOMMU Pagetable Support ----
[*] AMD IOMMU support
<*> AMD IOMMU Version 2 driver
[*] Support for Intel IOMMU using DMA Remapping Devices
[*] Support for Shared Virtual Memory with Intel IOMMU
[*] Enable Intel DMA Remapping Devices by default
[*] Support for Interrupt Remapping
VFIO Kernel Configuration
Device Drivers --->
<M> VFIO Non-Privileged userpsace driver framework --->
[*] VFIO No-IOMMU support ----
<M> VFIO support for PCI devices
[*] VFIO PCI support for VGA devices
< > Mediated device driver framework
Rebuild kernel
Turn on IOMMU in GRUB by editing the file `/etc/default/grub` and add the following parameters. I also put my VFIO parameters here for easy editing:
# on AMD, switch amd_iommu=pt to amd_iommu=on if pt (passthrough) is not working
# Switch amd_iommu=pt to intel_iommu=on if you're on Intel chipset
GRUB_CMD_LINE="... iommu=pt amd_iommu=pt vfio-pci.ids=1002:67df,1002:aaf0"
## Programs
Make sure qemu is built with SPICE, USB and USB redirection. In adition, make sure libvirt is built with networking capability. In Gentoo, this is accomplished by `USE` flags. In most binary distributions, I think that they are already built with these, but you should make sure.
echo "app-emulation/qemu spice usb usbredir" >> /etc/portage/package.use/qemu
echo "app-emulation/libvirt virt-network" >> /etc/portage/package.use/libvirt
[gentoo wiki]:


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title: "Stuff"
date: 2021-01-03T10:23:28+02:00
draft: true
Finally joined the powerline crowd and have it set up in it's glorious default for `vim` and `bash`. The only change I made for `bash` was adding `git`-related things to it. There is a slight rendering problem in `alacritty` but I have half-assedly compensated with some config settings.
I've also been mucking about in my gentoo overlay, still figuring out just what things I want to maintain for myself. That's kinda been a shitshow, especially with trying to get obs to have browser support. Instead of wrestling with it any longer than the few hours I have, I've figured out a way to handle my stream stuff without need of a browser overlay. So that's great. Next on the list related to this is taking own


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"Don't worry, I'm sure you're just as real as I am."
-- Max Headroom
"sometimes a cigar is just a massive shit."
-- Ovadex