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  Siina Mashek b0d8aa669a Moving posts to blog 1 month ago
  Siina Mashek 94cb543a32 Fixing rss generation 1 month ago
  Siina Mashek 49f18b1a3c Use user preferred fonts 1 month ago
  Siina Mashek c35f121e48 Making avatar properly align 2 months ago
  Siina Mashek 8c0c8906c1 Updating source links 2 months ago
  Siina Mashek f779f7079f Centering images in <main> 6 months ago
  Siina Mashek c399475883 Adding links to website an theme sources 6 months ago
  Siina Mashek e2b766de13 Adding a way to post pages without showing on front page 6 months ago
  Siina Mashek 442f9357e0 Added consistent link to blog RSS 6 months ago
  Siina Mashek 7f964d8aab Moved to tab indent; added colours to theme 6 months ago
  Siina Mashek 887a576648 Fixing title and Finnish date format 6 months ago
  Siina Mashek 3e8e4278a0 Adding conditional for home page title 6 months ago
  Siina Mashek e31f0f6cb9 Adjusting to Finnish date format 6 months ago
  Siina Mashek 893f1fb31e Initial fork and cleanup 6 months ago
  Yihui Xie 982dfb320e rebuild site 1 year ago
  Yihui Xie 6123be24bf fix https://github.com/gohugoio/hugoThemes/issues/682 for the XMin theme 1 year ago
  Yihui Xie da0192c7a7 actually use .RelPermalink instead of .Permalink 1 year ago
  Yihui Xie 91d31b38fb close #37: remove the deprecated preserveTaxonomyNames = true, and use .Page.Title to get the taxonomy names instead 1 year ago
  Yihui Xie d7e19b268c .URL has been deprecated in a recent version of Hugo 1 year ago
  Yihui Xie 985e481c27 update copyright year 1 year ago
  Justin Clift df70ce30b6 Trivial typo fix (#32) 2 years ago
  Yihui Xie 736206d326 a missing ; 2 years ago
  Yihui Xie 31231a681a change mathjax cdn 2 years ago
  Yihui Xie e658235991 markdownify post titles since some people use backticks in post titles, and MathJax will treat content in backticks as inline math 2 years ago
  Yihui Xie 9c9c90e5ab remove R/build.R from the repo 2 years ago
  Shimmy Xu 6b05e21804 Correct date check in single.html. (#25) 2 years ago
  Yihui Xie 04a720a54b rebuild site 3 years ago
  Yihui Xie dc1cbc6409 update copyright year 3 years ago
  Yihui Xie 6d12cfc380 close #20: only create README.md for myself 3 years ago
  Yihui Xie d0209f7604 close #19: disable the bash chunk on the operating system that is only _this_ tall (even after trying to incorporating a really tall system as its subsystem) 3 years ago
  Yihui Xie c14ca049d0 update wc output 3 years ago
  Yihui Xie ffa1147b46 bash and sed may not be available on Windows 3 years ago
  oneleaftea 11ad2599ed Fix centering on menu in header (style.css change) (#12) 3 years ago
  Yihui Xie 6272e671f9 gray background for table header/footer 3 years ago
  Yihui Xie 0a869e2e76 rename .Rmd to .Rmarkdown and add the build script 3 years ago
  Yihui Xie 4888812fd8 fix #10: urlize the terms 3 years ago
  Yihui Xie 85309648e9 no longer need to configure MathJax due to 2838faa426 3 years ago
  Yihui Xie 5e3ead4fe4 make it mobile friendly 3 years ago
  Yihui Xie b9953b82cd preserve taxonomy names 3 years ago
  Yihui Xie c5395bb1f4 use sans-serif fonts instead 3 years ago
  Yihui Xie 6fddf0aaa7 tweak description 3 years ago
  Daijiang Li 93555b8eda correct github source url (#8) 3 years ago
  Yihui Xie bc1f70e3e6 one more PR 3 years ago
  Yihui Xie 6a3f34d179 Hugo 0.24 requires title and date in archtypes for some reason 3 years ago
  Yihui Xie 9ddf2d2011 mention hugo-xmin pull requests to implement other features 3 years ago
  Yihui Xie fd1800795e add a link to the custom foot_custom.html 3 years ago
  Yihui Xie bfe749bfdb no need to be global here 3 years ago
  Yihui Xie 4bb3052d17 I guess it is unnecessary (perhaps even wrong) to urlize terms 3 years ago
  Yihui Xie 307a0a9153 rename copyright to footer, since the variable copyright is used in the RSS feed 3 years ago
  Yihui Xie d023e3b560 add language code 3 years ago